Wow.  I had SUCH a great time this past weekend at the 2nd annual Wave Gathering.  Much Kudos to Gordon, Scott and Adam for putting on an incredible event!  Not only did I perform FOUR times (America’s Cup, Brick Wall, Wish You Were Here, and the Twisted Tree Cafe), but I also managed to catch performances by Bob Denson, Anthony Fiumano, Readymade Breakup, The Gay Blades, Hero Pattern, Augment to a Dream, Bobby Strange, Status Green, Arlan Feiles and the Lone Orchestra, Dixie Lyon, Joanna Burns, Janey Todd, The Ruling Party, James Dalton, The Churchills, Paperback Radio, Maybe Pete, Cook, Tommy Anton, Amanda Duncan, Jon Caspi, Last Perfect Thing, Holtz, Arlan Feiles (solo), April Smith and Bob Burger.  WOW!  Wish I’d been able see more, but WHAT a weekend!

Tonight, I’ll be the featured artist at the Court Tavern, in New Brunswick, 10:30pm.  Come on out! will show you some of the best pocket knives and more before the event!

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