I know how to play a ton of Jonathan Coulton songs. But there are only so many I can work into my set at a regular show. So to have an excuse to play them, I’m organizing “The Jonathan Coulton Sing-Along (NOT featuring Jonathan Coulton)” on March 1, 6pm-10pm, at Belmar’s Stay Gold Cafe & Lounge.

To ensure we don’t show up with the same songs, comment your song list below.

Here are the rules:

1. Must be able to play at least 3 JoCo songs (written or covered by JoCo)
2. DO NOT pick a song someone else has reserved
3. Must know how to play the songs all the way through, well enough to get up on stage with them (no I-kind-of-know-the-chorus-and-some-of-the-verse nonsense)
4. No bands (sorry, solo or acoustic duo only)
5. If someone else picked a song that you need to get to 3, and they have more than that, let me know and maybe we can work something out (no promises though)

I’ll be playing:
Future Soon
Re Your Brains
First of May
Tom Cruise Crazy
Nemeses (with Alex Biese)
Chiron Beta Prime
Tonight You Belong to Me (with Laura Braswell)

13 Responses to “JoCoSho”
  1. TV's Adam says:

    Skullcrusher Mountain
    Over There
    Mandelbrot Set

  2. Alex Biese says:

    Dance, Soterious Johnson, Dance
    A Talk with George
    I Crush Everything

    You Ruined Everything
    Want You Gone

  3. I’m Your Moon
    Still Alive

  4. Eric says:

    If no one else wants to do them, I might also sign up for:
    Code Monkey
    Gambler’s Prayer

  5. TV's Adam says:

    I was also considering both of those. I may ask to steal one. We’ll see how practice goes.

  6. Eric says:

    Hey TV’s Adam, could we split those with you taking Gambler’s Prayer and me taking Code Monkey with you on the harmony? I’ve got a fun way to play it that I stole from a video of JoCo.

    Also, I’m adding Kenesaw Mountain Landis to my if-no-one-else-takes-it list.

  7. Alex Biese says:

    Eric, I’d totally sing Kenesaw Mountain Landis with you.

  8. Eric says:

    Alex, you’re on. Also, because I was learning your song, 139, for this weekend’s “Locals Covering Locals,” I also figured out JoCo’s “The World Belongs to You,” so that is also now on my list of if-no-one-else-who-signs-up-needs-it.

    I’m going to start promoting this event hard on Feb 1, so hopefully we’ll get a few more folks who want to hop on the bill after that. ‘Cause trust me, I could go all night, but it’s more fun when there are more of us.

  9. Bob Denson says:

    Dudes. I was about to write that you have no idea how much I love JoCo, but you probably do. I’ve seen him and met him 6 times, do his songs at the K-2 school I teach at ALL THE TIME (chorus is doing Mr. FancyPants now, for example) and I absolutely love his music. Lemme think harder about what I really want to do (that’s left). I really wanted to do I’m Your Moon, but alas, it is taken. I think I’m going to look into using my pedals to do the harmonies on ‘Nobody Loves You Like Me’, regularly play ‘You Ruined Everything’, and maybe I’ll do Blue Sunny Day (with harmonies programmed in)…or maybe ‘The Princess Who Saved Herself’…I really can’t decide. Also, one of my FAVORITE things is to play auxiliary guitar (picture Mike Bloomfield to Bob Dylan) so I’d LOVE to just sit on the side and play background guitar to any/all of the songs. At your service. Great idea for a show Mr. Ginsberg!! Way to bring the community together!!!

  10. Eric says:

    Bob, we’re excited to have you. Lock in your songs once you know and I’ll include you on the flyer and Facebook event then.

  11. Bob Denson says:

    Bob Denson Locking In (that’s what she said at the picnic)

    The Princess Who Saved Herself
    The World Belongs to You
    Nobody Loves You Like Me
    Famous Blue Raincoat
    You Ruined Everything

    Also, I’d love to just back someone up playing background guitar/keyboard.

  12. Eric says:

    Hey Bob. Can I play The World Belongs to You with you? Maybe you take the lead guitar and the harmony vocal and I take the rhythm guitar and the lead vocal? Or maybe I can take rhythm guitar and try to figure out the backing vocals. Lemme know.

  13. Alex says:

    Ok, my finalized song selection is…

    Jo co

    I Crush Everything
    Dance Sorterious Johnson Dance
    Artificial heart
    Shop vac
    Drinking with You
    Talk with George

    Plus Nemeses and Kenesaw Mountain Landis with Eric!

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