I’ve been playing a little bit more and a little bit more. I did about 10 songs the other night at Stay Gold (which has become my new favorite place in Belmar, aside from my house), and there are now TWO upcoming shows over there in the sidebar –>>>>

They’re both in Belmar and they’re both cover shows, but very unique in that the first is locals covering locals, so I’ll be playing songs my friends wrote, and the second is “The Jonathan Coulton Sing-Along (NOT featuring Jonathan Coulton)” where everyone will exclusively play songs written or popularized by Jonathan Coulton.

You can actually sign up to play both shows if you hit the Shows link to your right and follow the sign-up link there. Michael Brett and Gary Wien are running Locals Covering Locals on Jan 26 and I’m running the JoCoSho on March 1.

Pretty sure both shows are free, but I know the JoCoSho will get packed quickly, so come early, be ready to sing along, and wear your a JoCo t-shirt if you have one; we’re gonna be that nerdy.

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