A few quick things before I get into it:
JoCoVert2- There is a new poster for The Jonathan Coulton Sing-Along (NOT featuring Jonathan Coulton). Click it. Print it. Hand it to people and post it up places.

- RSVP to that on Facebook and invite your friends. Also, I’m temporarily claiming the hashtag #JoCoSho, so use it to promote and tell friends.

- I’ve heard some of the mixes from my new album and they are good. So good.

- The storytelling event at The Saint has been shifted to March 11 and I’ve been put in charge of it. Check the details; I’m doing something really cool.

- I’ve got a few more balls up in the air that I’m excited to share with you but can’t just yet. So be patient.

Oh. Well, I guess that was everything I wanted to get into. Done and done.

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