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Thanks to the 97 WONDERFUL backers of the FrankenSound’s Warehouse Kickstarter, we have reached our $10,000 funding goal by our deadline, and so the all-ages venue we’re building near Rutgers/New Brunswick will be completed!

Frank and I will be ordering the materials on Monday.

The invitations to our private Soft Opening will be sent out shortly. I’ll keep you updated on the project and other opportunities as the Soft Opening draws nearer.

Thank you all for making this possible! Thank you for contributing! Every bit, big and small!

Thanks so much for spreading the word! Especially the people who spread the word hard, like Steve Bove (Home News Tribune,, Jeff Raspe (90.5 The Night), Gary Wien (, Eddie Trunk (Q104.3, VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show”), April Smith, and members of Guns N’ Roses, Thursday, and Bouncing Souls (all with ties to New/North Brunswick).

More info to come, so stay tuned!

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If you’ve been waiting for the last minute to kick in to help FrankenSound open an all-ages venue near Rutgers/New Brunswick, you have succeeded; the last minute has arrived. We’re SO close! Kick in now and get extra fabulous prizes! Go to NOW and become a backer!

Our backers-only “Soft Opening” event – DJed by 90.5 The Night’s Jeff Raspe, and featuring food…and a performance by Logs in the Mainstream – is now scheduled for October 2nd. Let’s make this happen together!


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Starting this week, FrankenSound’s Kickstarter has weekly goals, weekly prizes, and weekly intern humiliation.

This week (through Mon, July 26, at 11:59pm), our goal is to raise $800. IF we do this, then two things will happen:

1. All backers to date will get a copy of the latest album by Frank’s band – Logs in the Mainstream – “The Ridiculous and the Sublime.”

2. Intern Alex will get pied in the face. For reals.

Expect a new video next Tues, viewable ONLY to backers, where you’ll see whether Alex gets pied.

Prizes will accumulate, so the sooner you contribute, the more prizes you will amass by the end of our Kickstarter project.

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The stage at FrankenSound's Warehouse, as of today

The FrankenSound's Warehouse stage. We still need metal sheets & curtains. Click the big F to watch our kickstarter video and help.

Click above to watch our Kickstarter video and help!

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FrankenSound + KickStarter

FrankenSound has teamed up with to help us finish the last stage of construction on FrankenSound’s Warehouse, a brand new, all-ages music venue near Rutgers.

Go to our Kickstarter page, watch our video, pick your prize, and tell your friends.  Please post this link on your Facebook and Twitter pages too!

If all goes well, these 45 days will help us raise the money we need to open our doors, but Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding tool, so if we don’t meet our goal by August 26th, at 11:59pm, you’ll never have to pay for your prize, and we will get nothing, so pick the biggest prize you can (every little bit helps!) and enable us to make it worth your while!

(and, again, please tell your friends and help us spread the word…even if you can’t afford to contribute monetarily)

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Tomorrow night, at 6pm, I’ll be in Middletown, NJ, raising money for Haitian relief alongside Xenia Sky and Sonni Shine. Details are here:

It’s a good time and a good cause, and it’s so early you can even go out and get shitfaced afterward, so there’s really no excuse. If you don’t come, I’ll assume that means that you hate starving Haitian babies. Prove me wrong.

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Frankensound Layout

Floor Plan of Frankensound

Long has it been my dream to open my own venue, and with permits in-hand and construction underway, that dream is becoming a reality. But I can’t do it alone.

Frankensound is/will be: 7 Rehearsal Rooms, a Full Recording Studio (w/ additional editing bay), and a 150(ish)-capacity Live Showcase Room.

There’s a lot I want to do with this and a lot of services I want to make available to our musician clientele. As General Manager, here are the jobs I’m looking to fill:

2 Music Producers (working in the recording studio)
4 Engineering Interns (must be attending or a recent graduate of an audio engineering school or program)
3 Live Engineers (working in the showcase room)
4 Graphic Artists (must be a photoshop wizard and have industrial printing experience – available for freelance work from bands for album art, etc.)
4 Web Designers (available for freelance work from bands)
4 Photographers (available for freelance work from bands)

Competition will be stiff and portfolios/auditions will be serious. If you’re interested, please e-mail me your resume and portfolio/samples of your work, to ericg [AT]

PLEASE also pass this along to your friends who may be interested.

If you are a good friend of mine, please seriously consider how being declined or – even worse – getting fired by me might affect our friendship before applying, because I cannot hire someone that I wouldn’t be comfortable letting go if the circumstances called for it, and I don’t want to lose a friend over a job.

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I’ve mentioned this to a few people over the last year, but hadn’t made an official announcement. I try not to count on things until they’re a “done deal” and I didn’t want to consider this to be such until I had ALL of the contracts signed and permits approved, and until construction had started.

It started.



In the 9th grade, I thought I wanted to be a chef. Two weeks into the following summer, at 14-years-old, I spent all of my Bar-Mitzvah money to rent out the Stone Pony and throw an 11-band concert. I broke even, which was a great accomplishment. That night, I laid in my bed and knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life: I wanted to run my own venue.

This is the view from what will be my office

This is the view from what will be my office

This week, construction began on what has been my dream for the last 13 years, 8 months, and 5 days.

My longtime friend and frequent collaborator, Frank Certo, owner of Frankensound Studios (7 rooms of rehearsal and a fully equipped recording studio) has trusted in me his latest venture – our joint venture – Frankensound’s Warehouse: a (roughly) 150-capacity, standing-room-only showcase room, located in North Brunswick, just off Rutgers’ Livingston Campus.

There’s a LOT of work to do and more news is forthcoming, but for now, I simply leave you with a picture of metal studs (no Queensrÿche or nipple piercing jokes, please).

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After much snow and canceled giggery, nothing could keep Alex Biese and me from rocking the Twisted Tree Cafe this past Friday night…hard. I’ve posted 10 videos (mostly of Alex, since my songs were mostly dupes anyway) in a playlist on the nettertubes.

More shows are posted to the right, in the sidebar.

Oh, and I FINISHED REVAMPING ERICGINSBERG.COM TODAY!!!! It’s taken MONTHS of work and, in fairness, months of procrastination, but it’s finally done. The final step: there are now over 20 songs available in the Demos section, under the Music tab. There are lyrics, videos, and free downloads!!


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@AlexBiese and I are playing at the Twisted Tree Cafe TONIGHT, 7pm, 609 Cookman Ave. Hope to see you all there!

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