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Just go to and subscribe for as little as $1 a month and you’ll get a new song on the last day of each month. After all 10 songs have been released, I’ll use the money to press actual CDs and throw a big album release party.

The great thing about subscribing to my album is that you only pay when you get music, so go to a href=””> and let’s get started. Once I hit $100 worth of subscribers, I’ll start releasing songs. Let’s make it February!

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Song Story logoI’ve been quietly working on this project for a while, and it’s finally beginning to poke its head out in public. I’m creating and hosting a podcast called “Song Story,” which features songwriters telling the true stories behind their original songs. The Storytelling Night at The Saint that I hosted last week was a big step in the process of bringing the show to life.

The first season will be 13 episodes, each with 3-4 segments, each about 8-10 minutes long. I’m learning the publishing process, so I’ve created a sample segment to be the guinea pig. This first sneak peek features the story behind and alive performance of my song, “Little Love Notes,” which will be on my forthcoming new album.

This segment was recorded live, at The Saint, though the full eventual show will feature both live and pre-recorded interview segments. I hope you enjoy it and find Song Story on social media everywhere, @SongStoryShow.”

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A few quick things before I get into it:
JoCoVert2- There is a new poster for The Jonathan Coulton Sing-Along (NOT featuring Jonathan Coulton). Click it. Print it. Hand it to people and post it up places.

- RSVP to that on Facebook and invite your friends. Also, I’m temporarily claiming the hashtag #JoCoSho, so use it to promote and tell friends.

- I’ve heard some of the mixes from my new album and they are good. So good.

- The storytelling event at The Saint has been shifted to March 11 and I’ve been put in charge of it. Check the details; I’m doing something really cool.

- I’ve got a few more balls up in the air that I’m excited to share with you but can’t just yet. So be patient.

Oh. Well, I guess that was everything I wanted to get into. Done and done.

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