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Last Sunday’s “Locals Covering Locals” show went well. Big thanks to Gary Wien for hosting, Michael Brett for running sound and organizing, and Alex Biese and Bobby Strange, whose songs I covered.

I’ll be the featured storyteller at The Saint‘s monthly storytelling series on Tuesday, February 11, so come on out to tell a story or just sit and listen. The show is free and there will be soup.

Also, I’m about to start promoting hard for The Jonathan Coulton Sing-Along (NOT featuring Jonathan Coulton), so if you’d still like to get on the bill for that, let me know.

There may be video coming soon, but for now, here are some photos from last weekend, taken by Steve Stanger and Bob Yellen:
Steve Stanger Bob Yellen

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I could offer a long list of famous Christmas songs written by Jews (Silver Bells, White Christmas, Let it Snow…), but the internet exists, so just read this link.

Point is, I’ve got a 4-song Christmas EP written in my head, but for now, you’ll have to make due with this one demo. It’s about taking the best parts of Christmas and striving to keep them around all year long. So, enjoy. And also give me 99 cents. ‘Tis the season.

Why’s it Have to be Christmas Time
(To Wish for Peace on Earth)

Check out more songs here, here, and here.

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Check out my new song.

I was listening to Josh Ritter on an episode of Wits (one of my favorite podcasts) and I got an idea for a song. The song sounds nothing like what he was playing and it’s not even remotely about the same thing, so I’m not sure what one had to do with the other, but that’s what happened.

I know what the song is about (and I’m kind of proud of how I hid it in plain sight), but feel free to comment with what you think it’s about and let’s see how right you are.

Climb So High

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Haven’t posted on the olde site since the music page got deleted from the MySQL database along with almost all of the song pages. Every time I looked at the site it just broke my heart after all I put into them. But I have a new album on it’s way so I’m cleaning up the place and getting back into the groove.

The music page once again has songs to listen to and purchase. Just the albums for now (I know many of you loved the demos, but they’ll be a while longer). And no individual song pages for now either (what with their videos, lyrics sheets, chords, and personnel credits).

For now, here is a demo of a new song that will be on the album and some photos from Kentucky of recording with the incomparable Peter Searcy:

The Things I’ve Done

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Still havent had time to put the website back together again. Still dont know how everything got deleted. But I found something cool thats worth sharing:


agen sbobet Super-fan, Alex Vlahov, is here beside superhuman, write my essay for me Henry Rollins, repping his fabulous EG Tee, which happens to have been designed by the awesome Krys Vee.

I love getting pics like this, so get your own EG Tee, stand next to someone awesome (or just snap pictures at a bar), and send them in for posting. Thats right: YOU could be featured here on!

Thanks Alex!

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Too much has transpired since my last post to try to catch you up in a post. Here are the highlights:

I’ve moved. I’m not with Frankensound anymore (but still recommend you rehearse/record there some time). I’m working on a new recording project which is shorter than a full-length but might be longer than a standard EP. My website took a poop and most of the music pages got deleted somehow..the most important part of my website! Damn you, WordPress!

Long story short, I’ll work on rebuilding all of the music/song pages in the next few weeks and, in the meantime, check out Xenia’s cover of my song, Oregon:

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If you’ve been waiting for the last minute to kick in to help FrankenSound open an all-ages venue near Rutgers/New Brunswick, you have succeeded; the last minute has arrived. We’re SO close! Kick in now and get extra fabulous prizes! Go to NOW and become a backer!

Our backers-only “Soft Opening” event – DJed by 90.5 The Night’s Jeff Raspe, and featuring food…and a performance by Logs in the Mainstream – is now scheduled for October 2nd. Let’s make this happen together!


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Starting this week, FrankenSound’s Kickstarter has weekly goals, weekly prizes, and weekly intern humiliation.

This week (through Mon, July 26, at 11:59pm), our goal is to raise $800. IF we do this, then two things will happen:

1. All backers to date will get a copy of the latest album by Frank’s band – Logs in the Mainstream – “The Ridiculous and the Sublime.”

2. Intern Alex will get pied in the face. For reals.

Expect a new video next Tues, viewable ONLY to backers, where you’ll see whether Alex gets pied.

Prizes will accumulate, so the sooner you contribute, the more prizes you will amass by the end of our Kickstarter project.

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The stage at FrankenSound's Warehouse, as of today

The FrankenSound's Warehouse stage. We still need metal sheets & curtains. Click the big F to watch our kickstarter video and help.

Click above to watch our Kickstarter video and help!

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FrankenSound + KickStarter

FrankenSound has teamed up with to help us finish the last stage of construction on FrankenSound’s Warehouse, a brand new, all-ages music venue near Rutgers.

Go to our Kickstarter page, watch our video, pick your prize, and tell your friends.  Please post this link on your Facebook and Twitter pages too!

If all goes well, these 45 days will help us raise the money we need to open our doors, but Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding tool, so if we don’t meet our goal by August 26th, at 11:59pm, you’ll never have to pay for your prize, and we will get nothing, so pick the biggest prize you can (every little bit helps!) and enable us to make it worth your while!

(and, again, please tell your friends and help us spread the word…even if you can’t afford to contribute monetarily)

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