The Following is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I get at EricGinsberg.com. If your questions aren’t answered here, just go on ahead and drop me a line. Enjoy!

1. Where can I find Eric Ginsberg’s albums, “Disconnect” and “I’m Glad I’m Not As Cool As You”?

The Eric Ginsberg Store, right here on EricGinsberg.com. For now, “Disconnect” is only available in Digital Download form, and as an advance unmastered studio release. You can also purchase individual songs on the Music page. The debut album, “I’m Glad I’m Not As Cool As You”, is available as a Digital Download, as well, but you can also get a good old-fashioned CD at an upcoming show, or order it online from the Eric Ginsberg Store.

2. When will Eric’s tour be coming to my area?

You can take a gander at the sidebar to your right for any upcoming shows, you can visit the Shows page for the full schedule, and if you don’t see that Eric Ginsberg is headed your way, click over to the Booking page to do something about it.

3. How can I get in contact with Eric?

All fan mail and questions can be sent to eric@ericginsberg.com. You’ll get an auto-reply that gives you Eric’s real e-mail address (’cause if I post it online, the robots find it, the box gets filled with spam, and then your e-mail gets lost amongst the junk). You can also leave a comment here on EricGinsberg.com, or internet stalk Eric via the “Find me on…” widget in the sidebar to your right.

4. I often daydream about Eric Ginsberg during class. Is that normal?

Well, Eric is a bit of a rock star, I suppose, and if you’re into that kind of thing, I guess he can be reasonably attractive. And, I also suppose that, as long as your daydreaming isn’t affecting your grades, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

5. How can I get involved?

The best things that you can do are, in no particular order:
a) Get Eric a good gig in your area (sorry, but he can’t fly to Santa Fe to play gratis)
b) Buy songs and other merchandise
c) Download songs for free and share them with your friends
d) Use the “Share this content” buttons at the bottom of any page or post to spread the word
e) Come out to a show (and pester your friends to come with you)
f) Internet stalking is highly appropriate in this day and age, so follow Eric on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, friend him on MySpace, like him on iLike, yada, yada, yada.
g) Make a donation

6. Does Eric have a girlfriend?

Yes he does.  But let’s try to keep this FAQ about the music, people. (Eric’s relationship status in no way affects your God-given right to swoon all you want…no one will judge you for ironing his likeness onto your pillowcase)

7. Who designed such a fantastic web site?

I’m glad you asked. Eric did most of the busy work, but heaps of credit where it’s due:
Most of the site is run from WordPress (open source/free)
The look of the page is the Mandigo theme (open source/free)
The Store is run through ecwid (free)
Song downloads are made possible by payloadz.com
The play button feature is a code from del.icio.us (free)
Show information display is from Dan Coulter’s BlogsforBands.com (free)
Photo and art galleries are courtesy of Jalbum (open source/free)
Top photo is by Brianna Ross
URL logo and New Originals logo by Len Peralta
“EG” logo by Chris Vlahov
All other whistles and bells are free widgets, available through WordPress
MAD LIBS is a registered trademark of Peguin Group (USA) Inc.

Also, much of the original EricGinsberg.com was modeled after JonathanCoulton.com. Plenty is fresh and original since then, but when embarking on something new, the motto around here is still “WWJD?” (What Would JonathanCoulton.com Do?)

8. How can I get Eric Ginsberg to sign my CD insert, T-shirt, or anything else, for that matter?

If you want an autograph, first of all, I assure you Eric is flatterred, and secondly, just show up. Come on out to a Show and Eric Ginsberg will gladly sign anything you put in front of him (CDs, shirts, your baby, boobs, legally binding contracts…you name it!)

9. I’m desperately in love with Eric Ginsberg.

I’m sorry, I fail to see the question.

10. What is Eric Ginsberg’s birthday?

Eric’s birthday is August 4th, and he really appreciates fond birthday wishes, so feel free to leave comments here on the site, e-mail him, or post birthday greetings on MySpace or Facebook.

11.Why aren’t a lot of Eric’s newer songs available here on EricGinsberg.com

Money, my dear…money. Recording is expensive and time-consuming, and Eric writes a LOT. However, you’re always welcome to bring any recording devices you’d like and shout out your requests to get your very own personalized bootleg. Just please a) don’t sell it and b) give me a copy to do with as I please (including selling it).

12. I’m baking for Eric. Does he have any food allergies I should know about?

None. Also, what are you baking? And can I have some too?

13. I want to shower Eric Ginsberg with gifts. What should I get him?

Check out Eric’s Amazon wish list.

14. I want to kill Eric Ginsberg to acquire his fame, and wear his skin like a suit so that I may be reborn into him.

Okay, you’re really creeping me out. Please stop e-mailing.