Eric Ginsberg was not raised by wolves. He never wrestled a grizzly bear or saved the world from imminent destruction. However, he does manage to churn elation and heartbreak into powerfully relatable, cleverly-worded, crowd-pleasingly catchy songs.

With his arsenal of alternately upbeat and somber pop/rock songs, more infectiously catchy than a sailor on shore leave, Eric Ginsberg has performed across the country at colleges, Cafe’s, Bars and Clubs (NJ, NY, CA, TN, PA, CT, FL, NC, SC, AL). When not on tour, Ginsberg can be found in and around his native NJ, trying out new material and supporting his local scene.

An Asbury Music Award nominee and Red Bank Music Community Award-winner, Ginsberg brings high energy, good times, and his own eclectic brand of rock, so laden with hooks that you’ll still be singing in the shower the next morning.

The Aquarian says, “Prepare to be deceptively lulled with warm acoustic intros and melodic riffs, as Ginsberg’s voice belies a pithy wisdom…Whatever your take, this is one artist who will do anything but leave you cold or wanting.

The Asbury Park Press writes, “With an atomic persona and a fiercely independent ethic – reminiscent of early Jeff Buckley or Thurston Moore – Ginsberg challenges every notion of what a performer should and shouldn’t be…it’s obvious that Eric Ginsberg is destined to hit. Soon.

triCityNews calls Eric Ginsberg “one part Tasmanian Devil and one part P.T. Barnum. He combines energy with enthusiasm and creates order out of seeming chaos.