It’s “The Jonathan Coulton Sing-Along (NOT featuring Jonathan Coulton)”!!

I know how to play a ton of Jonathan Coulton songs. But there are only so many I can work into my set at a regular show. So to have an excuse to play them, I’m organizing this show on March 1, 6pm-10pm, at Belmar’s Stay Gold Cafe & Lounge.

Do you want to play the show? Sign up with your song list at this schmancy page. Already on the bill are Alex Biese, TV’s Adam, Nathan Dickinson, Bob Denson, and me, Eric Ginsberg.

You can also RSVP to the event at this other schmancy page on facebook.


Combined song list so far:
The Future Soon
Re: Your Brains
First of May
Tom Cruise Crazy
Chiron Beta Prime
Tonight You Belong to Me
Skullcrusher Mountain
Over There
Mandelbrot Set
Dance, Soterious Johnson, Dance
A Talk with George
I Crush Everything
I’m Your Moon
Still Alive
Code Monkey
Gambler’s Prayer
The Princess Who Saved Herself
The World Belongs to You
Nobody Loves You Like Me
Famous Blue Raincoat
You Ruined Everything
That Spells DNA
One Christmas at a Time
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Drinking with You
Artificial Heart
(current song count is 29)