Eric Ginsberg is so independent that he doesn’t bother with pesky agents, managers, publicists, stylists, or personal nose hair pluckers like so many too-cool-for-school artists do.

This gives you unfettered access to your favorite Eric Ginsberg (in the event you know another Eric Ginsberg, I still stand by that statement…even if said other Eric Ginsberg is your son, spouse, best friend, army buddy or dog…seriously though, who names a dog “Eric Ginsberg”? The best fan ever – that’s who!)

Okay, your access is a little fettered, but here’s how you can bring Eric to your town:

Video - Nashville

1. Twist an arm! Have a favorite bar, cafe or club? Able to get the ear of the honcho in charge? Direct him/her to and let’s make some magic together!

2. Gig Swap! You want to play near me (Jersey Shore & Rutgers area) and I want to play near you (wherever-the-hell, USA). Let’s make a deal! Drop me a line.

Video - Monmouth U

3. Where’d you say you go to college? Sure I’ll come! Just get friendly with your fellow students on the events committee or what-have-you and we’ll work something out. I’ve performed at Rutgers, Quinnipiac, Penn State, SUNY New Paltz, Brookdale, Farleigh Dickenson, and Monmouth University, to name a few. ALSO available to perform live on your college radio show. Where do you go?

Video - Living Room

4. Put your pants on and take some frickin’ initiative: Is your living room/apartment/dorm big enough for you, me, and at least 20 of your nearest and dearest? I’m like a vampire; I can’t come in unless you invite me…so invite me already! Eric Ginsberg: have guitar, will travel. No amplification required. (Please have an extra bed or couch for me if you live more than a two-hour drive away…food is also appreciated). When’s the party?

5. Strength in numbers: Eric Ginsberg is available to perform at bars, clubs, homes, colleges, coffee shops, festivals, street corners, radio/tv shows, boardwalks, arenas, amphitheaters, and on top of your ex’s car (non-convertible top, preferred). Contribute to (or start) an demand in your area:

Demand Eric Ginsberg in your city!
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