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Since my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, you can do all sorts of fun stuff with it (click the link for a super-simple explanation of what). I just ask that you put the “” logo on whatever you make.

Have you captured or created something Eric Ginsberg-oriented? Send me your content and how you’d like to be credited, and up it shall go.

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It’s me, as seen by you! Or maybe it’s you with me in it! Post your favorite photos of me, or you and your friends having a good time at one of my shows.

Video Look at me! I’m moving! Like a real boy! Whether you recorded me performing, made a music video, slideshow, or just recorded yourself dancing like a spazz to one of my songs, YouTube is your friend. Send me the URL

Audio Did you go and bootleg one of my shows? Did you cover a song of mine, create a remix or mash-up? Post it here and feel special. I know I do.

Artwork Wow! You made that? Feel free to use my photographic likeness or create artistic renderings of me, my songs, or anything else, and put it on my website.

Band Name
“Eric Ginsberg and…” I don’t know. Maybe you do. Or maybe you just have a funny suggestion. Either way, post it here.

Mad-Libs If you’ve been to one of my recent shows, filled out my Mad-Libs and turned it into me, your submission should be somewhere on this page. Be sure to tell your friends. They want to laugh at your pee-pee joke, too.