Mad Libs

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If you forgot to give me your Mad Libs, or brought it home to give it more thought, you can scan it in and e-mail it to me. Please be sure your file is 300 dpi, and 430 x 580 pixels. If this is too much work, just bring it with you next time you see me.

To create your own Eric Ginsberg Mad Libs for me to pass out at shows, use MS Word to make a 5.5″x8″ page with 11pt Times New Roman font for the main text, 7pt Comic Sans for the parts of speech under each line (text boxes work well), double spaced, .75″ margins, exactly 16 lines and 12-17 blanks. Then send it to me and I’ll take care of the rest.

Eric Ginsberg Mad Libs fall under the “parody” clause of fair-use copyright laws. (Read: “PLEASE DON’T SUE ME!”)